Firefox, de la promotion à la propagande

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Je suis vraiment impressionné par l'opération Spread Firefox et très heureux d'y participer, mais le fanatisme de certain "promoteurs" du renard de feu me glace le sang :

Blog comment campaign

Posted by Foxtrot on Fri, 10/01/2004 - 20:55 :: Spreading Firefox

I have seen too many blog posts lately claiming that Internet Explorer is superior to Firefox, that Opera is the best, that Firefox is a buggy program for those who don't know how to secure Internet Explorer. As the Fire spreads in the media, the readers of the articles become increasingly annoyed with the repetetive praise, and they diss Firefox without knowing it. This must stop.

Your mission:

When you come across an article or blog post where the comments tell the writer that "Firefox is bad, Internet Explorer is the best" or that "Firefox is only secure because it isn't popular", defend Firefox. When you've done this, send me a PM (or don't if you don't feel like it ... ), or if you haven't managed to come up with a good counter-argument, post the address here, so that others can help you or see what you've written.

Suggested procedure:

Go to Google News or some other news site, and search for Firefox. Then go to any headline and check the comments. There are most often a few negative comments, which is what you're looking for.

When you're replying, please don't lie (we're representing the browser you can trust, remember?), and if there is an argument that you can't think of a way to counter, then remember that you don't have to post. ;-)

Spread the fire!

Génial, exactement ce qu'il nous fallait : des spammeurs de blogs pour défendre les couleurs de Firefox. Vous imaginez si chaque entreprise faisait pareil et traquait chaque mention de ses produits sur le Web pour coller son argumentaire à chaque commentaire négatif ?

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